About Luke Kellett - iPhone Games Developer

Luke KellettHey, I'm Luke Kellett the founder of Ruma Studios. But who am I really?? I guess I would have to start by admitting that I am a pretty big nerd, I love tech, mobile and most especially games development.

For the past decade I've worked in the financial industry developing software, but something was missing and I was just totally bored. I just wasn't satisfied bringing other peoples ideas to life, I have so many of my own and I just needed to listen to my heart and follow my dreams.

How did I do this? Well in a crazy moment of clarity, or insanity depending on who you ask. I quit my day job, sold my house to support myself and began running my company Ruma Studios full time.

My dream is to meld tech, mobile and gaming into creating the best iPhone games for time strapped people that are simple, intuitive and great fun to play!


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