Global Game Jam 2012

Global Game JAM

This year I was lucky enough to attend as an entrant of the 48hr Global Game Jam 2012 held in Melbourne. It’s kinda like one of those scout camping trips you go on as a kid, but with computers, energy drinks (lots of them) and tons of awesomeness.

I was in team Moosey Burrito, which is a pretty odd name. We don’t know exactly how it came about but all you need to know is that it did :-) The members of this team were Anna Tito, Harold Absalom, Sam Kayler-Thomson, Trevor Talbot and myself.

This years topic for Melbourne was Ouroboros, which gave us plenty to work with.  Over the course of the weekend we created Nom!Oboros which is a puzzle platformer where you play a character with a large appetite based on this topic. You can see us in action on the 5th image on a Kotaku post here, Anna dubbed this one as the SCRUM thinker…

The Games

So with a little over 100 participants 30 games were produced over the Jam. Most teams had 2-5 members but there was one exception, a team of 15 which worked on 5 (YES! 5) games. This monumental team actually produced one of my favorite games of the jam called Hatch.

Another of my favorites and actually the winner of the Melbourne jam was Omelette Boris, which well polished and even used a home grown game engine. Sweet huh?

There are 28 other games on the Melbourne section of the Global Game Jam site, so take a look here and download them along with full source code if you’re interested!

Big Thanks

I also want to personally thank Giselle Rosman and our awesome sponsors for putting on the weekend and keeping us fed, we couldn’t have done it without you!


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