Huge Superflick Update Announced


So Superflick was my first attempt at a free iPhone game that was backed by in app purchases (gotta buy the bacon with something right?). I’ve been pretty happy with the success so far, but I knew I could make things better and the game just needed more…

The first version was just the start, and the update will be coming with

  • More visual, easier navigation
  • More free stuff, I mean HEAPS more!
  • More throwable items
  • More Targets
  • More easter eggs
  • Achievements with coin bonuses
  • And more crazy, wacky things!!!

New Throwable Items

The idea with Superflick was to be one of the best iPhone games in the flick genre, to do this I wanted to make things a little different to your normal Paper Toss or Sports flick games. So in order to do this three totally unique levels were created. But now I’ve taken this even further and now allow you to win new throwable items.

Each item behaves differently and depending on the level can make it easier or harder to score points, and most importantly coins to buy more items!

Here is just a few of the items you can have.

New Targets

To complement the new throwable items a whole new set of targets have been designed for each level. Soccer, NFL and Rugby fans rejoice! Ruma Stadium has been given the full sports treatment allowing you to play your favorite sport in miniature on iPhone.

The Locker Room and Backyard BBQ have also been updated with some cool new stuff for those wanting something a little different from their flick game. Here are some screenshots from the upcoming beta.

When is it going to be ready?

This update is shaping up to really make this one of my best iPhone games yet. But all of the best iPhone games require polish, hard work and beta testing. Right now I am right smack in the middle of beta testing and expect Superflick to hit the app store very early next year.

Want to get your hands on an early beta copy and get your name into the credits? Head on over to the contact page and let me know if you!


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