Jumping Into The Deep End

So I finished up at the day job last Friday ready to begin my career of being an upcoming iPhone games developer and thought it was worth a post, so here tis…

My Nerdy Beginnings

I started my career in the IT industry not by going through the normal process of finishing high school, then going off to uni to get an IT degree of some nature and finally by applying for jobs as a graduate. I instead started my career as a 16 year old by answering an ad in the paper looking for someone to make web pages. I was pretty handy (or nerdy some might say) with a computer and thought it would be a lot more interesting and profitable than university.

So one thing led to another and I started a business with Eric who placed the ad. We performed a number of IT services, from web pages, to software development and even running an ISP. This was well before the broadband era so small fries like us could actually run a successful ISP quite easily. Fast forward a few years, the business was sold to a larger company which went bust with most of the IT industry in 2000. So the time came for me to find a programming job in IT working for the man.

My Indie Beginnings

10 years later and I am still working for the man which isn’t so bad but I really wanted to do something more creative with my design and technical skills. So about 12 months ago I started Ruma Studios with the goal of making Android / iPhone games. In this time I have released two games Ninja Splat and RAMPage Soccer, which has been hard work but very rewarding!

I found myself spending more and more being an indie iPhone games developer, internet marketer and just becoming a part of the gaming community as a whole through Ruma Studios. Which is hard because try as I may. I simply couldn’t find any more than 24 hours in a day and I felt like I just didn’t have enough time to really get anywhere.

Tough Choices

The dream of being a full time iPhone game developer aka “Living the dream”, being creative, and brining smiles to peoples faces with my work is a very tempting one. But how does one get there?

I thought of cutting my hours down at my day job would be a good start and my wife was all for it, it was after all weighing me down a lot and spending a little less time there and a little more time on Ruma would help both. But my employer didn’t think this was such a cool idea, they didn’t have enough resources to go round and unfortunately declined my request. Damn!

So with the slow and easy transition off the table I was left with two choices:

  1. Continue the late nights and long weekends working on a career in the games industry, hopefully making it with the limited time available
  2. Be a little crazy, quit my day job, sell my house and focus on games development as an indie full time

In my mind the first option simply wasn’t an option, I had lived it for 12 months and it just wasn’t working. So the choice was made, it was time to quit my job and become a full time indie game developer! Some might say it’s all a little crazy but hell if you don’t try you will never accomplish anything, and life is too short to wonder what could have been!

So the house is up for sale, I’ve left the day job and I am now in the hands of Apple and their App store, so look out for some awesome upcoming iPhone games! Very, very exciting times ahead :-)


Dreams will not follow themselves, they need to be followed!” – Me, just now!

Update: Firstly thanks for all the kind words people, it’s great to receive such a warm welcome :-) Secondly, I’ve just released my best iPhone game yet ‘Superflick‘ (also available for iPad).


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