RAMPage Soccer, an iPad game with balls!


  • Two fun games in one: Play "Classic" and "Penalty Shootout" modes for challenging marble fun
  • Play against the iPad or a friend in local multiplayer
  • Fast paced realistic game play designed just for the iPad
  • Astounding 3D graphics and sound
  • Uber intuitive and responsive controls
  • Game Center integration: Challenge your friends online

Where you play in two unique modes:

  1. Classic: Take on a friend or the iPad in a crazy onslaught of marble soccer fun!
  2. Penalty Shootout: Defend your goals in an increasingly impossible game of marble defense!

Coming Soon:

  • Super cool powerups
  • OpenFeint Integration
  • More Acheivements
  • Secret unlockable items!

That’s right teamsters, Ruma Studios brings you a classic table top soccer iPad game with all the action of the stadium brought to your iPad.

Built on elements of pinball, foosball and shooting games; RAMPage Soccer creates a uniquely addictive iPad foosball game thats not quite foosball nor quite soccer.
Here is what some of our paid employees said when we asked them to:

“An instant classic”
“Everything that is old is new again”
“Learn it in seconds, be thrilled for hours”
“Stick it to the man!!! With marbles?! AWESOME!”

So where does a crazy fun iPad game like RAMPage Soccer come from?

I've been a foosball fan since I was a youngn', I once even had a table in an office I once worked at which was awesome until it fell apart :-(

So as one of my first attempts at 3d gaming I thought this would be an awesome idea, but having played a few iPad foosball games I found they lacked that responsiveness of the real game.

So what to do? Make it better of course!

To do this the crazy control sticks had to go, and were replaced with some crazy pinball marbles. Drop em down the holes in your end of the table and knock that soccer ball into your opponents goal.

Simple enough right? Yeah, sounds like it until there are 30 marbles flying around the table and you are not left with any defense. Yep, RAMPage Soccer is a sure fire foosball soccer game at heart, but with some elements of pinball and shooting you've got yourself the best iPad foosball soccer game around!

So if you want a hectic, fun iPad game that you can play by yourself or beat your mates at then RAMPage Soccer the iPad game is for you!
RAMPage Soccer Screen Shot RAMPage Soccer Screen Shot RAMPage Soccer Screen Shot RAMPage Soccer Screen Shot RAMPage Soccer Screen Shot
"This game is action packed and exciting. You’ll never get sick of the gameplay because every game is a challenge."
"RAMPage Soccer is simple, sleek, fast-paced tabletop fun!"
AppTudes.com (4.5 Stars & Editors Choice)
"The table-top 3D sensation is really cool and it's ****** challenging!"
"RAMPage Soccer delivers on all accounts. Its fun, looks great and will keep you going back for more."
"A rockin' version of soccer that is great with one player and even better with two!"
wismojo - iTunes Review
"This game rocks!"
Emhoy - iTunes Review