Superflick, one of the best free games this side of the goal square!

Want to toss more than just paper into a waste basket? How about throwing a ninja star? Or flying a UFO?

The aussie hit Superflick just got a huge update and has gone global. In this game you scoring points by flicking weird and funky items at tons of different targets. You then earn other awesome items to flick like a boomerang, frosties snowball, a bad-arse ninja star, a wedding plate and even a bowling ball!! 

Customize levels with awesome targets, whacky throwable items as well as hidden targets and you are in for a totally awesome experience!!!


  • Completely customizable levels
  • Intuitive flick controls
  • Moving targets
  • Stunning 3D retina graphics and sound
  • Universal iPhone/iPad Support
  • GameCenter / Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards
  • iCloud support for game save data (iOS Only)

So what's this Superflick thing all about then huh?

Well I'm a big fan of super simple, easy to play, fun iPhone games. So I thought I would put a spin on one of my favorites and throw in some aussie flavour while I was at it.

What sort of aussie flavour? Well when I first had the idea of this game, the aussie rules grand final was fast approaching and who doesn't love fun iPhone games where they can play a bit of ball?

So I've taken the best parts of the paper tossing genre, aussie rules football, and also thrown in some other special ingredients and combined them into a uniquely fun package that will challenged even the toughest players of iPhone games.

All good iPhone games takes time and effort, and Superflick was no exception. But after many, many late nights and tireless hard work Superflick was born just in time for the AFL grand final. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

But can I make one of my best free games for iPhone even better? Sure I can, by giving away more free stuff of course!! Jump onto the mailing list here to be first in line to hear about the latest developments and additions to Superflick!
Superflick Screen Shot Superflick Screen Shot Superflick Screen Shot Superflick Screen Shot Superflick Screen Shot