ZOMBITSU (noun: zom-bit-su)
a traditional form of Japanese sword combat against warriors of the undead

You are the only hope to save your people from the attack of the hoardes of the undead led by the evil Lord Nakatomi. He has torn apart your world and unleashed his army of soldiers for total destruction.

Play as Hiro, the last known Zombitsu expert on his epic journey through the glorious streets of his Japanese village, the devastated lava world and the picturesque floating kingdom.

Choose your own way through these lands taking the easy path, discovering hidden areas, collecting coins and power-ups or laying waste to zombies.

HEED THIS WARNING: You must be careful as one wrong move could have you falling to your death in lava or being swarmed by a horde of hungry zombies.

Along your quest you will learn new skills and become a true master of Zombitsu.
Are you brave enough to take the challenge and save your world?



Zombitsu is a 3d Endless Combat Runner - with more.

Key features:

  • EXPERIENCE being a deadly ninja
  • EXPLORE open levels
  • JUMP to secret locations
  • COLLECT awesome power-ups
  • ATTACK zombies with sweet combo moves

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Zombitsu Screen Shot Zombitsu Screen Shot Zombitsu Screen Shot Zombitsu Screen Shot Zombitsu Screen Shot
"A Runner the Way it’s Meant to be Done!"
"Definitely one of the best runner style games available, if you were a fan of games like Temple Run you will enjoy Zombitsu."
GGS Gamer